Friday, September 9, 2011

Simple Excel bookkeeping spreadsheet for Etsy shop owners and craftypreneurs

If your crafts or Etsy business is small and you don’t want to get too complicated with your bookkeeping and accounting then you can use a simple Excel worksheet to track income and expenses.  If you use Excel, you can set up the worksheet on Excel. You can download a free Excel worksheet from my website when you join my mailing list.

The advantages of using a simple bookkeeping and accounting worksheet for your Etsy and crafts business are ease of use and low cost.  The disadvantage of using a worksheet is that you have to add up transactions manually to record onto the worksheet.  Also, a worksheet does not provide you with financial reports like a computerized bookkeeping and accounting system does. 

You can download a simple Excel bookkeeping and accounting worksheet from my website. You can use to it to track business income and expenses on a monthly basis.  The categories used match IRS “Schedule C”.  IRS “Schedule C” is the form that is used to report income or loss from a business organized as a sole proprietor on IRS Form 1040 – an individual tax return.  By using this form you will save lots of time when you file your individual tax return since everything will already be categorized. 

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