Friday, September 16, 2011

Reviews of Outright accounting - a popular software package for Etsy shop owners

In case you haven't heard, Outright is a popular bookkeeping software for Etsy shop owners and crafts business owners. I have been curious about it for sometime and how it compares to QuickBooks. I am a QuickBooks expert and I use QuickBooks for my business so I wanted to know more about Outright from actual users.

Here are a few reviews:
The Work At Home Wife gives a very thorough review . She concluded that QuickBooks online will work better for her business.

Small Business Trends also has a very detailed review, including printscreens. They say "if you’re a sole proprietor, or a new entrepreneur, or you run a small home-based business, Outright is a great place to start keeping your books."

factoidz points out key differences between Outright and other programs such as QuickBooks. They also include customer feedback from actual users.

I hope that these reviews help you decide. You can always try Outright free for 30 days. Keep in mind ease of use, the size of your business, and what Outright will do versus other more robust software packages like QuickBooks.
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