Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tax Help For Etsy Sellers, Crafters, Indiepreneurs, and Creative Entrepeneurs

If you own an etsy shop, arts, design, or crafts business and need help with schedule C and getting ready for tax time - read this guide! I have just published my third e-book especially for creative entrepreneurs. This is a comprehensive tax guide to help you with your Etsy business or crafts, arts, design, or indie business. This ebook tax guide covers everything you need to know to get ready for tax time and tackle that dreaded Schedule C! Learn what is business income and expense. Learn what is deductible. Learn what records you need. You can read more about them at my website and download free worksheets - such as a simple bookkeeping and accounting worksheet, mileage log, inventory worksheet, and fixed assets worksheet. Don't ask for business advice in the forums anymore. Save yourself hours of research, frustrations, and headaches. Order my ebooks today!

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